I have been told I have a great voice, should I make a voice over demo?

This is a tricky one to answer. Yes we're sure you may have a great voice, and even if you don't have a voice with 'texture', 'gravitas' and all those other buzzwords, you can have a career in the voice over industry. However, talking in conversation is a lot different to reading a script (or 'copy' as they call it). On top of that you have to be able to take direction.

What does that mean? I hear you ask. Well, yes you may have a good voice, and yes you can probably read but when you are in the session and the director or producer asks you "can you give me a take that sounds more projected?", will you know how to do that? You may know what projected means but whether you can do that with your voice, to a script, is more complicated than some think. 

We're not trying to put you off this industry by any means but before committing to getting a voice over demo made, which may cost up to $1500, we advise that you seek advice from professionals. That means contacting us or others you may know that do this for a living. There are plenty of VO classes out there that are fantastic and answer all of these questions. We can even recommend a few. 

Our tip is to read out loud as much as possible. This does mean you immediately become the crazy person on the train talking to themselves but it's necessary if you're new to this industry. Look at print ads or transcribe current adverts from the TV then read them out loud. Trust us, it will help you gain knowledge of how things are read and the current trends in VO.

After all this, if you feel confident that you want to go ahead with recording a voice over demo, please contact us.

We offer over-the-phone consultation services and demo recording and mixing services. We want to get your career rolling as much as you do and we want to be a part of it too.